VW Multimedia adapter – Audi, VW; MFD, Navi Plus – add video signal to navi


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Plug & Play Adapter for VW MFD and Audi Navi Plus

Plug & Play Adapter for VW MFD and Audi Navi Plus

Plug & Play assembling adapter with TV-Free (TV Tuner & Video source required!)

This adapter makes installing of your car satellite nav easier than ever before. No cable-cutting or

tech knowledge needed. The only thing you do is to plug the adapter into ISO slot and then connect

the 26pin adapter plug into the navigation unit. It is really that simple! When you add the aerial

your sat nav is ready and works like an OEM installation.


By connecting this way you do not lose the warranty on your car!

Plug & Play adapter is compatible with:

VW MFD version c/d/g

• Audi Navi Plus DX

• Skoda, Seat, Ford MFD Navi

Using this adapter one can also watch TV or DVD whilst the car is moving by pushing the red


Technical information

This adapter is part of sat nav system installations. It exploits car speedometer impulses which are

also used in OEM installations for tuning up the radio volume (GALA). Thanks to our adapter MFD

satnavs versions C, D, G and AUDI Navi+ now can be easily installed in all cars furnished in

electronic speed measuring system. Assembling of all above mentioned satnavi systems is

processed the same way because these devices are equivalent and work at the same frequency

produced from original VW and AMP parts

• OEM wiring colors

• wires are sheathed by a special band

• no soldering in the adaptersBrand new  

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