Pioneer Black Car Radio Stereo Facia Surround Trim Plate Part Folding front type


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THIS IS A BRAND NEW GENUINE PIONEER HEADUNIT FACE SURROUND TRIM IN BLACK WITH A CUT AWAY AT THE BOTTOM FOR THE FOLD DOWN FRONT .FITS MODELS SUCH AS Pioneer DEH2400F Pioneer DEH-2400F/XN/UC Pioneer DEH240F Pioneer DEH-240F/XN/UC Pioneer DEH-2450F/XN/ES Pioneer DEH-24F/XN/UC Pioneer DEH-3300R/X1N/EW Pioneer DEH-P3300/X1N/UC Pioneer DEH-P330/X1N/UC Pioneer DEH-P3350B/X1N/ES Pioneer DEH-P3350/X1N/ES Pioneer DEHP3370XM Pioneer DEH-P3370XM/UC Pioneer DEH-P33/X1N/UC Pioneer DEH-P4300RB/X1N/EW Pioneer DEH-P4300R/X1N/EW Pioneer DEH-P4300/X1N/UC Pioneer DEH-P430/X1N/UC Pioneer DEH-P4350/X1N/ES Pioneer DEH-P43/X1N/UC Pioneer KEH-P4020R/XM/EW Pioneer KEH-P4020/XM/UC Pioneer KEH-P4022/XM/EE Pioneer KEH-P4025/XM/ES Pioneer KEH-P6010RB/X1M/EW Pioneer KEH-P6010R/X1M/EW Pioneer KEH-P6010/X1M/UC Pioneer KEH-P6011R/X1M/EE Pioneer KEH-P6015/X1M/ES Pioneer KEH-P601/X1M/UCPioneer KEH-P7015/X1M/ESAlso found to fit the keh-p6800r , keh-p6900r, keh-p7800r, keh-p7900rPosted with eBay Mobile

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