Kenwood Kdc-3021 Kdc-3031 Kdc-3047 Car Radio Stereo Iso Wiring Harness Loom


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THIS IS A BRAND NEW KENWOOD ISO WIRING LOOMFITS ALL KENWOOD WIRING CONNECTORS 1994 ONWARDS AND THAT ARE 16 PIN AS SHOWN HERE IS JUST FEW LISTED THAT IT FITSKdc-3021Kdc-3024Kdc-3027Kdc-3047Kdc-3031KDC 3080KDC-3090KDC 4040KDC 4050KDC 4060KDC 4070KDC 4080KDC 5040KDC 5050KDC 5060KDC 5070KDC 5080KDC 6040KDC 6050KDC 6060KDC 6070KDC 6080KDC 7040KDC 7050KDC 7060KDC 7070KDC 7080KDC-7090KDC-8021KDC 8040KDC 8060KDC 8070KDC 8080KDC-8090KDC-9021KDC 9050KDC 9060KDC 9080KRC 150KRC 151KRC 156KRC 157KRC 1570KRC 158KRC 159KRC 256KRC 2560KRC 257KRC 2570KRC 258KRC 259KRC 356KRC 358KRC 359KRC 456KRC 457KRC 458KRC 459KRC 556KRC 557KRC 558KRC 559KRC 656KRC 657KRC 658KRC 659KRC 756KRC 757KRC 758KRC 759KRC 856KRC 857KRC 858KRC 859KRC 956KRC 957KRC 958KRC 959KRC 992 KDC-237KDC-241KDC-3031KDC-3034Kdc-3037Kdc-3041Kdc-3047Kdc-4031 ETC ETC KMD ALL SERIES KDC-BT ALL MODELS KDC-W— ALL SERIESKenwood mask series Kenwood fp mask Kdc-7024Kdc-7027Kdc-8024Kdc-8027Kdc-M7024Kdc-W7027Kdc-W8027ASK IF UNSURE THE BROWN WIRE THAT IS SEPERATE IS TEL MUTE WIRE AND IS SUPPOSED TO BE SEPERATE FOR TELEPHONE KITS IF FITTED TO YOUR CAR    Fits the socket type as shown below 

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