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Autoleads 06-075B nissan tel mute lead

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Brand: Autoleads
Product Code: 06-075b

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06-075B NISSAN Telemute Lead. Using this lead in combination with your hands free car phone kit will mute the radio during a call and transfer the conversation through the front car speakers. This lead also ensures you do not invalidate the vehicle warranty when installing your hands free kit. . This Autolead comes with a 4 pin Molex plug found on the Nokia CK7W. If you are using another make of car kit (eg. THB Bury, Parrot or Sony Ericsson) you will require a Telemute adapter lead in addition to this lead. The adapters simply plug into the Nokia 4 pin molex plug on the Telemute and saves you chopping any wires and keeping the warranty intact. Refer to the Telemute Adapter section for more details. Compatibilty NISSAN Almera CY371,CY450 01/02/2000 - > NISSAN Almera SE All 01/09/2001 - > NISSAN Navara CY02A 01/08/2005 - > NISSAN Navara WITH NAVIGATION 01/08/2004 - 01/03/2006 NISSAN Nevarro All & 2004 Nav & CH907 01/09/2002 - > NISSAN Patrol CY01B 01/01/2005 - > NISSAN Primera All 01/09/1999 - 02/03/2002 NISSAN Sunny All 01/08/1986 - 01/08/1995 NISSAN Terrano 2 CY478 (NATS) 01/03/2004 - > NISSAN Terrano 2 01/05/2000 - 01/02/2002 NISSAN X-Trail CY690 Nav 01/03/2005 - > NISSAN X-Trail SEE LISTINGS BELOW 01/03/2002 - 01/02/2004     

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