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Vauxhall Opel CD-70 Navi decode recode service

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Brand: Vauxhall
Product Code: cd70-decode

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These units are Tech2 linked to the car dashboard screen and they can display the following:       "DISPLAY SAFE"   -  This means the unit is still Tech2 linked to the last car. We can reset this status and put the unit back into delivery mode, meaning it will plug in and show the prompt 'radio safe' or 'program radio'.   "RADIO SAFE"  or  "PROGRAM RADIO"   -  This means that the unit is ready to be 'married' or 'coded' to the car using Tech2 and has been properly divorced from the last car. It will intermittently flash up either "radio safe" or "program radio" accompanied by bleeps. You just need to use a Tech2 machine and select 'activate anti-theft' within the Tech2 menu - job done.   These are all made by Seimens.  


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