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Nissan Almera / Tino / Patrol / Navara / Pathfinder etc Componen

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Brand: Nissan
Product Code: alm6dc-decod

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These units have 6 leds and buttons on the front of them. When they have not been divorced from the last car, all 6 leds will flash and this will usually be accompanied my bleeps. They can display the following on the controlling headunit:     "SECURE"   "MAG" or "MAGAZINE"   -  This means the unit is still immo-linked to the last car. We can reset this status and put the unit back into learn mode, meaning it will 'Plug & Play'.   * Dont ask why it displays mag or magazine when there is no magazine - we couldnt work it out either!!   Couple of different model numbers on these, all Clarion (pn-2302m, pp-2538t etc)   This is for the decode of this unit only not an actual item, you send us your unit and we decode it  

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