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Nissan 2007 Onwards Bluetooth Radios Recode Decode

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Brand: Nissan
Product Code: nisblu-decod

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These double-DIN units from approx 2007 onwards can display any of the following:       "SECURE"   -  This means the unit is still immo-linked to the last car. We can reset this status and provide it with a code which will link it to the next car upon fitment.     "CODE - - - -"   -  This means unit is not immo-linked to a previous car, but requires the 4 digit code as usual. We can read the unit and supply the code.     "INVALID EQ. CHECK TH12HW"   -  This will only appear if the new car does not have the correct hardware to support the unit (usually bluetooth microphone module). We can clear this error status so that the unit can work perfectly with the code that we supply.     Huge range of model numbers on these, all Clarion (pp-3001m, pn-2804n etc) Most have bluetooth, but a handful don't. Some are single disc, others are in-dash changers. Fitted in Micra, Note, Navara, Qashqai etc from approx 2007 onwards.  


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