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Kenwood KDS-P900 DVD Surround Processor Unit

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Brand: Kenwood
Product Code: kds-p900

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  Kenwood KDS-P900 - Dolby Digital Signal Processor Unit To enhance the in-vehicle listening experience by surrounding passengers with sound, the KDS-P900 Decoder/Digital Processor adds the excitement of Dolby Digital, DTS, and Dolby Pro Logic decoding to your Kenwood system. This unit comes with Digital Processors with a 4-band digital parametric EQ, full Bass Management with time alignment, 5 pre-settable seating positions, 3 room-size adjustments, and 2 digital audio inputs. Preouts are high-level at 4.5 volts. This small hide-away mounting unit works with the KVT-910DVD. Product Features Dual-Zone Audio Control: with Adaptor For Use with KVT-910DVD In-Dash Television/DVD-CD Receiver Hide-Away Mounting High Voltage Preamp Output: 4.5V Parametric Equalizer: 4-Band, Digital Audio Features: Digital Audio Input: 2 Digital Room Size Adjustment: 3-Step (Small, Medium, Large) Digital Seating Position Alignment Presets Dolby Digital Dolby Pro Logic DTS Digital Surround Preouts: L/C/R/LS/RS/Sub, Gold-Plated Changer Control Features: MZ-Bus Control IS NEW AND UNUSED IN BOX    

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